Blue Bin Recycling and the Beginning of Fill the Blue:

The Fill the Blue Recycling Campaign was created and developed in 2003 for the City of Avondale, AZ. The Fill the Blue recycling campaign was actually produced to help the City of Avondale, AZ launch, what was then its new Curbside Recycling program using blue recycling bins. They had just made the decision to begin curbside recycling and were now needing a fun, creative approach to getting the recycling word out to its residents.

Hernandez Creative, a Tempe, AZ based creative agency, was chosen to develop and design the new campaign. And from countless hours of design and redesign the Fill the Blue campaign was born and the rest is recycling history. And Fill the Blue wasn't just any recycling campaign, it was a bilingual recycling campaign. It had to be bilingual since a large portion of Avondale's residents are Spanish speaking. That being the case, all recycling campaign materials, from brochures to posters, bookmarks to magnets were all designed and produced in English and Spanish.

Which brings us to today. We are now at a point where we want to expand the reach of the Fill the Blue recycling campaign beyond its beginnings in Avondale, AZ. We want our recycling campaign to reach as many communities, schools and businesses as possible, where a blue recycling bin is being used. We want people to go blue while they go green. Being the single, unifying message to get people filling those those blue recycling bins is what Fill the Blue is all about.

You see blue recycling bins everywhere and they're always accompanied by a different message to try get you recycling. We want to make it easy for everyone, so that no matter where you are, you can always just... Fill the Blue. Easy, simple, Fill the Blue.

Want to join us and help us spread the Fill the Blue message? If you're interested in becoming a Fill the Blue partner or sponsor, we can show you how. Check out our products page for items that can help you launch your own Fill the Blue recycling program or jump start your blue bin recycling efforts in you community, school or place of business.

We recycle and we want to get as many people as we can recycling too. It's easy to Fill the Blue at home, at school or at work.

Just... Fill the Blue!





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